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Galerija šodien (22. 06.) strādā līdz 18:00 Cet. 23.06. - Brīvs Piektd. 24.06. - Brīvs Sestd. 25.06 - Brīvs Tiekamies 28. 06 galerijas telpās Galerija MuseumLV un kultūras centrs Grata JJ novēl visiem radošus, gaišus un siltus Līgo svētkus! Gallery MuseumLV and cultural centre Grata JJ wishes joyful, bright and warm Midsummer Solstice Галерея MuseumLV культурного центра Grata JJ желает всем творческого, яркого и теплого Лиго!

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Charity project GRATA BALVA 2022 “#illusory #reality” in support of Ukrainian refugees.

 Charity project GRATA BALVA 2022 “#illusory #reality” in support of Ukrainian refugees.

Deadline for submission of works: June 1 - 30, 2022, during the gallery's opening hours. Entries brought after June 30 will not be accepted.

Before submitting, please make sure you have sent:

1) your updated CV;

2) your photo;

3) a good quality photo of the work (ideal if the photo is 74 kb or 200 kb) to place on the gallery's home page.

4) As well as mandatory information about the work: name, size, year, equipment, price.

Please send this information in time, at least 2 days before you return the work to the gallery. Without this information, the job will not be accepted.


Dimensions of the competition works this year:

1. paintings - height 30, width 40 cm

2. paintings - diameter 40 cm

3. for sculptures, objects - size by agreement with the gallery

For the competition will not be accepted works that are:

• with an aggressive context,

• inciting any conflict,

• that would clearly offend the feelings of anyone present,

• incitement to ethnic hatred,

• that do not correspond to the theme of the competition or the specified size.

GRATA BALVA is an international project that has become a tradition in the gallery MuseumLV, annually inviting professional artists to create original works, thus promoting creativity. Every year, more than 120 artists from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Korea, France, Switzerland, Russia, Great Britain and Ukraine represent their work with a total of more than 200 works, providing a versatile picture of contemporary art in painting, sculpture, graphics, ceramics, in textile and digital art. GRATA BALVA competition exhibitions:

  "Mystery. Ritual Art"

"Source of power"

"#Artefact #fifth civilization"

The aim of the project is to provide a platform for artists to communicate creatively and exchange experiences, as well as to introduce a wider audience to the artists' work. The cash prize at the exhibition is a stimulating factor that provides important support for creative activity and is an appreciation of the artist's work. During the exhibition, all works are offered for sale to those interested.

The target audience of the project is professional artists whose quality of work meets the gallery's standards.

GRATA BALVA in visual art has two cash prizes - 500 EUR each. The first of them is awarded by the gallery's representatives based on the experience of mutual cooperation, evaluating the artist's contribution to the gallery MuseumLV. The fate of the second prize is determined by the vote of the visitors of the exhibition. In this way, the organizers hope to achieve greater public interest in visual art and its processes, as well as to attract a wider audience to the creative environment. In order to ensure the fairest possible vote for the artists, all works are exhibited with numbers, without the names of the authors. Voting takes place in person throughout the exhibition, as well as on the gallery's website 


The competition consists of two parts:

1. GRATA BALVA - 500 € is awarded at the opening of the competition exhibition

2. Audience Award - The Sympathy Award is presented at the opening of the next exhibition, which will follow this exhibition in the gallery MuseumLV

The exposition will be located in the MuseumLV gallery on two floors. The international format of the exhibition envisages that the works of the competition, with the consent of the artists, will also be exhibited in the exhibition halls of the gallery's cooperation partners in Switzerland, France, Estonia, Lithuania and other countries.

A new competition theme is offered every year. The title and theme of this year's exhibition is “#illusory #reality”

Competition works will be judged. Each contestant will be given the opportunity to participate in the exhibition with another work that thematically corresponds to the idea of ​​the competition, in order to provide a broader insight into the artist's work. The dimensions of the second work must not exceed 90 x 90 cm. The exhibition of these works is not guaranteed by the organizers. It is subject to timely submission and coordination.

To participate in the competition exhibition, the artist must confirm their participation by sending an application to info@museumlv.com by April 10, 2022. In the application, confirm your wish to participate and attach your current photo portrait and CV. Upon receipt of the application, the Gallery MuseumLV team will answer all your questions and send you more detailed information and a schedule for the further progress of this project.

The works of the competition will be accepted only after sending the gallery's confirmation to the artist. Deadline for submission of works: June 1 - 30, 2022, during the gallery's opening hours.

Description of the competition topic.

“#illusory #reality”

On a daily basis, we create a reality based on our own illusions of the ideal. The reality of the modern world, constantly interacting with itself, destroying and creating new conditions, knocks us out of our personal, subordinate spaces and throws us into a world made up of the desires and illusions of society. The creative illusory space is a special world that belongs to each of us, reflecting our beliefs, tastes, worries, understandings of beauty, hopes and dreams.

The creative illusory space is a special world in which we coexist with the real world.

This is a membership map that reflects our inner nature.

We manage our memories, plan our lives and place ourselves in the perfect place in the space, choosing and refining the fine lines that match our personal, intimate perception of things.

Infinitely we create our own realities, based on the illusions of our ideal understanding of the present, past and future.

We use these illusions as a tool of consciousness and connection in our daily interactions with the outside world.

What is out of sight? The only, inexhaustible need that awakens and determines the opportunities for human development throughout life is creativity. Creativity changes us, creates tangible and intangible art objects, developing and supplementing the author's personal range.

In this turbulent time, we turn to the images we have created during our creative experience, to the Image as a source of hope and strength to live, to create, to help those in need, to fight for our future in order to remain on the bright side of love and creation.

The idea of ​​an ideal landscape, form, abstraction, still life or portrait exists only within the artist's personal space - within the limits of the perception of time and space. We invite you to share with the world your ideal images, the illusory reality, creating another edge of reality in the endless illusion of existence.

The team of the Cultural Center GRATA JJ Gallery MuseumLV wishes a success for everyone in their creative work and prosperity in life! See you in the gallery!

The planned opening time of the exhibition is the second half of August.

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Gallery Museum and Culture Center Grata JJ celebrate its 5th anniversary

5 years - 50 exhibitions - 140 events - 1892692 website visits

The history of the establishment of Grata JJ cultural center and art gallery MuseumLV began with the idea to unite and educate Latvian modern society and to support Latvian artists who have started their career after Latvia attained full independence in 1991.
The gallery endowment for contemporary visual art is aimed at popularizing Latvian professional artists whose skills are based on a classical European values as well as the authors, whose perception of the world is much broader than generally accepted boundaries.
The MuseumLV gallery organizes solo and group exhibitions on a basis of 4 exposition weeks per month approximately. Sometimes it reaches 3 exhibitions on display.
The Culture Center also includes the Grata Art Charitable Foundation, Grata Art Academy project, Grata Prize Art contest.
MuseumLV established annual art contest exhibition for Grata Prize with 2 nominations: Gallery MuseumLV Prize - to support senior artists and Audience Choice Award - to discover young talents. All of our authors are professional artists, lots of them got the honor to be exhibited at National Museums around the world and in Latvia.
We have also focused on education projects, which include weekly lectures led by art historians, documentary films and videos about contemporary Latvian artists https://youtube.com/channel/UCoUIcssPBmdjrpc6Sz-_Eqw , as well as artists' master classes, live broadcasts, discussions available to anyone interested in current art topics with the participation of art critics and artists, creative art classes for adults and children, poetry evenings, concerts, theater performances, documentary screenings and many other educational activities. Classes are led by professional art historians and critics, whose jobs are at the Latvian National Museum of Art, the Latvian Academy of Arts, and the Latvian Academy of Sciences - holders of high academic degrees.
You may ask, why our activity is so intense? The MuseumLV project is not a game for us, it is not a job, but a fulfillment of our creative life. It is the artist's life and desire to share it with everyone who is ready to receive it.

We are grateful to our visitors, guests, artists and all those who are not indifferent to the creative people who participate in the activities of the gallery and support us with their participation and attention for 5 years. The team of gallery MuseumLV and the cultural center Grata JJ wish you health, well-being and peace.

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Jānis Deinats. Times. So sweet

Solo exhibition. Portraits in photogrpahs "Jānis Deinats. Times. So sweet"
May 26 - July 9

Time leaves its imprints on faces. Individual imprints on each face. This is how portraits are born. Times change. Portraits remain. As interim periods.
There are also times of exposition. The amount of light that appears on faces. The light in a person is captured. Or the absence thereof. Time will tell.
There are creative times, political times, times of upheaval and bad times.
Portraits are never silent, because they reflect the times.

The outstanding photographer Jānis Deinats has been taking photographs since 1989. He is renowned as a distinguished portraitist, but until now there has never really been an exhibition of his portraits.
Jānis Deinats’ photographic portraits are a visual testimony to his age. The exhibition TIMES. SO SWEET will showcase his portraits of over 70 Latvian celebrities, people who are well-known to the public including politicians, sports stars, musicians, poets and actors. However, let’s be honest, this is also an exhibition about forgetting. If a group of young people were to walk into the exhibition today, most of them would ask, who are all these old men and women. But what about in 20 years’ time? These days celebrity quickly turns into anonymity.
The exhibition at the MuseumLV Art Gallery will occupy two floors. One room will be dedicated to the outstanding National Theatre actress Elza Radziņa. This February, while browsing through his archive for images for this exhibition, Jānis Deinats discovered a roll of film that he had shot in the early 1990s, whose emulsion had been damaged during development. He was greatly surprised to discover that the images obtained from this film were of Elza Radziņa. The film itself was produced at the SVEMA Factory in Shostka, Ukraine. Another major surprise was the discovery that Elza Radziņa was actually born in 1917 in Kharkiv, Ukraine into a Latvian family of refugees seeking safety during the First World War.
A separate room will contain large-scale (130x100m) images. These are fragments of Jānis Deinats’ series of photographs I PHOTOGRAPH REMOTELY and I PHOTOGRAPH. Taken during the COVID -19 pandemic, these series form a testimony to this age and its psychological typology, visually accenting the effect of the “fissure” in social relations, as well as the acutely felt sense of just how small people actually are amidst this new and uncertain “big” world.

Exhibition “Jānis Deinats. Times. So Sweet ” has been created in collaboration with art historian Diana Barčevska and set designer Anna Heinrihsone.

Other resources:
Jauns.lv Latvijas Radio 1

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The gallery is closed on May 4. Happy national holiday!

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Gallery opening hours on holidays

april 14th 11.00 - 19.00

april 15th closed

april 16th closed

april 17th closed

april 18th closed

april 19th 11.00 - 19.00

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Mary Zhang, Giorgia Zhang, Siqi Chen "On the Move"

Joint exhibition of Giorgia Zhang, Siqi Chen, Mary Zhang “On the move”.

13.04.2022. – 14.05.2022.

Art Gallery MuseumLV and Cultural  Center Grata JJ

Andreja Pumpura Street 2, Rīga, LV – 1010

Working hours: Tue. – Fri: 11:00 – 19:00, Sat.: 11:00 – 17:00


Travelling and moving to other countries is supposed to be on free choice. However, it has become an unfortunate necessity for many people nowadays. Our civilization has faced the issue of migration throughout history development; moreover, the subject of refugees took a special place in this process. Currently, this issue has become much more sensitive.

Nowadays, more than ever, each one of us is a ‘citizen of the world’. Many people choose to study, travel, get acquainted with new traditions of other nations, move to another place and accumulate the cultural experience of other countries. More and more discussions emerged concerning cultural differences, the need for acceptance through involvement, participation and living as a form of empathy, and opportunities to expand one’s range of personality by exploring similarities and differences.

The term ‘different’ has become a topic interest of conversation in every society, where, of course, opinions on this phenomenon are still divided. Undoubtedly, this is because culture is always the most vital identifier for both individuals and nations. This issue often creates a certain amount of public confusion and possibly a fear of something new, which is perceived as a threat to old foundations and generational traditions entrenched in the subconscious.

Dr. Siqi Chen has devoted several studies to the issue of refugee children. How do people adapt to life in an unfamiliar country, how does it affect the human psyche, and what kind of outside support is needed? These issues will be discussed during the exhibition.

This exhibition is an investigation of society taken from 3 generations’ perspectives. The authors’ representations claim that now we all need to visualize stories about people’s lives outside their homeland, stories of hope, mutual understanding, love for people, regardless of nationality. This project is about the courage to go further, about the desire to be on the move because the world is full of opportunities. We all need friendly advice and enthusiastic participation. Today, the experience of those who have chosen to live outside their homeland is becoming supportive for those who have left their land.

Giorgia Zhang/ Chang Zhang (2005) is talented in painting and filmmaking; she studies in a local school in Riga. Giorgia shares about living in a foreign country:” Many difficulties are dealt with, and I think sometimes I have to learn how to live with them. Living in a foreign country is a valuable experience. Throughout the years, I have learnt to stand up against things that I am not comfortable with.” Chang’s room illustrates her generation’s insight into the daily lives of the vulnerable population.

Dr. Siqi Chen (1990) is a researcher and architect who lives in Berlin. Siqi’s installations, videos and photos are rooted in extensive research about fugitive children in this exhibition. All recurring themes are the lives of fugitive children in host countries, their psychological consequences, the legacy of social conflicts, and its lasting effects on global capitalism. As a social researcher who works with humans in daily life, one of her tasks is to make things clear and understandable for everyone outside her work. So she often interlinks facts and individuals to reflect a diversity of social experiences for the minority groups.

Mary Zhang /Hongge Zhang (1967) was born in Beijing, China. However, she has chosen Riga for settling over the past few years. Mary is a Registered Urban Planner in the People’s Republic of China. Before coming to Latvia, she mainly worked in architecture and urban design for about 25 years. She also owns 20 years of experience in the traditional Chinese art field, working on representing traditional Chinese history, calligraphy, and antique patterns in combinations with new artistic techniques. Mary Zhang’s call is to understand the diversity between Eastern and Western cultures, help locals develop a good relationship with the Chinese people, and overcome the gap between the two nations. She thinks you have to be brave to live in a foreign country. She urges her not to be afraid of cultural differences and live up to her dreams, respecting and accepting the values of the country in which one is located, either because of one’s tendencies or circumstances.

Curator of the exhibition “On the move”: Laura Tuča


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Other resources on the Internet:






LTV Kultūras ziņas

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9.04. and 12.04. gallery closed

Due to the change of exposition on the second floor,  on 09.04 and 12.04 gallery is closed for the visitors. We will wait for you on 13.04 to the new exhibition "On the Move"

Authors of the exhibition: Mary Zhang, Giorgia Zhang and Siqi Chen

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Joint exhibition of artists and their pupils “Teacher – Student”.

18.02.2022. – 30.04.2022.

Visual arts - a surprising phenomenon that has been present in the formation and development of human civilizations, which we are familiar with alongside concepts such as the state and property, animal husbandry and agriculture. Art became an important testimony, a form of expression and an integral part of society in the earliest stages of development: the tradition of transferring creative skills from one person to another was born and strengthened, mentors, teachers and students, masters and apprentices emerged. In the course of the development of civilization, schools emerged as a separate resource for growth. For example, in his spare time, Plato gathered the audience and passed on his experience and knowledge, while in ancient Egypt, children were taught to draw in schools.

The Renaissance era brought real prosperity. Visual art grew from a simple reflection of the world around it and an attribute of religion to a science equivalent to mathematics and physics. It is at this time that the disciples start living, working and learning painting in their workshops with great masters.

One of the most famous examples of a genius teacher and no less a genius student in the quatricento stage is Filippo Lippi and his student Sandro Botticelli. In 1464, Botticelli began studying with Lippi and won love and respect with his talent, later reaching an absolutely new level of artistic mastery. Another example of a teacher-student tandem is from the Baroque era - Peter Paul Rubens and Antoine van Deik. The student achieved such a high virtuosity of mastery that Rubens was sometimes unable to distinguish his work from that of a new protege. Thanks to their work and treatises on art, the masters of the Enlightenment laid the foundations for the establishment of professional educational institutions. The first art academies in Western Europe opened in the second half of the 16th century. Students received highly qualified and versatile education and graduated as experienced painters. Art academies evolved and improved, generations of artists changed, but the tradition of passing on artistic skills remained unchanged and reached out to contemporary artists who, like their predecessors, learned from the talented masters of their time.

In today's world, the tradition of teaching painting has survived not only within the walls of professional educational institutions, but also as a transfer of a teacher's personal experience to a student in the artist's workshop. This phenomenon is by no means rare and, in our opinion, has survived precisely because of the creative potential of people who strive to take over the skills and experience of their favorite artists, whose work is in line with their own personal understanding of painting.

The exhibition “Teacher - Student” in the gallery MuseumLV is dedicated to the creative relationship between the master and his students and is made up of works by several professional groups of Latvian artists. Artists such as Ilze Laizāne, Dmitrijs Lavrentjevs, Zane Balode, Nikolajs Krivošeins, Nukzars Paksadze, Tālivaldis Muzikants, Ieva Muzikante, Emīls Kristiāns Muzikants, Olga Šilova, Nele Zirnīte, Vadims Markevičs, Katrīna Taivāne, Roberts Diners, Lilija Dinere, Andris Loss and their talented followers.

Curator of the exhibition “Teacher - Student”: culturologist Darya Samarina.

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