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Aivis Pīzelis

Author's works

Aivis Pīzelis
Aivis Pīzelis

Born December 14, 1988, Preiļi

2009 to present − Art Academy of Latvia, Latgale Affiliate, Painting department
2005 to 2009 − Rēzekne Art and Design school, Figurative art department
2003 to 2005 − Preiļi Music and Art school Art class 1997 to 2005 − Preiļi 1st primary school

Creative activities
2007 Group exhibition „Cherry garden’, Balvi
2008 Plein air work exhibition, Stāmeriena
Group exhibition „Autumn 2008’, Rēzekne
Personal exhibition of drawings „A Moment of Reflection’, RMDV Rēzekne
2009 Personal exhibition of paintings RMDV, Rēzekne
Group exhibition „Autumn 2009’, Rēzekne
Plein air work exhibition „Preiļi.Autumn 2009’, Preiļi
2010 Personal exhibition of paintings „Re-Start’, Culture Centre of Preiļi
Plein air work exhibition „A Flight of a Thought’, Rēzekne
Group exhibition „I Want to Talk to You’, Rēzekne
Group exhibition „Waiting for Spring’, Ludza
Plein air group exhibition „Road to the Sea’, Mazirbe
Personal exhibition of paintings „Princess Martha Coast’, Preiļi

2011 Group exhibition ‘Interdimension’, Naujene KC
Painting personal exhibition ‘Rasa Morning’,
J. Rainis Museum in Jasmuiža
Painting personal exhibition ‘Head over water’
at Latgale Central Library, Daugavpils
Group exhibition ‘United for Latvia’ in
Rezekne Business Incubator
Group exhibition ‘Autumn 2011’ in Rezekne
Group exhibition ‘Masters and Students’
in the gallery ‘Antonija’, Riga
2012 Painting personal exhibition ‘Passions’
at the Latgale Arts and Crafts Center, Livani;
Jekabpils People's House, Jekabpils;
Preiļi District Main Library, Preiļi;
Rezekne Klondike, Rezekne
Painters' plenary in Mazirbe
Participation in the experimental ceramic plenum
‘Zemeņu laiks’ in Malpils
2013 Painting personal exhibition ‘Kaifs’
in Varakļānu castle, Varakļāni
Participation in the artists' seafloor in Mersrags, Kolka, Mazirbe
Participation in the international plenary ‘White City’,
Exhibition of paintings at the Skonto Hall in the
framework of the International Animal World, Riga

2014 Group exhibition ‘Canona Heritage’, LMA
Participation in the plenary session
‘Dialogue with the tree’, Malpils
Participated in the international plenary ‘White City’,
Exhibition ‘Gentle wildlife’, gallery ‘Ilgais ceļš’, Riga
2015 Group exhibition ‘Pigoznis Award in Landscape Painting’,
Riga, St. Peter's Church
Exhibition of paintings in the restaurant Kidbar, Riga
Painting exhibition ‘Kafka’, Riga
Painting personal exhibition ‘Nature Strength’,
O. Vācietis Museum, Riga
2016 Painting Exhibition ‘City Dust’ Cafe On Air, Riga
Painting exhibition ‘Walking’ gallery ‘Ilgais ceļš’, Riga
Painting exhibition ‘Three points’ Latgale Cultural
History Museum, Rezekne;
Preiļi County Cultural Center, Preili;
Gallery ‘Art Bank’, Riga
Painting exhibition ‘Pastaiga’
A. Alunana Museum in Jelgava
2017 Group exhibition ‘J. Pigoznis Prize in Landscape Painting ‘,
St. Peter Church, Riga
Participation in the 1 Marine 2017 Marine Biennial,
Jurmala City Museum
Participation in G. Elias Rural Landscape Exhibition
Solo exhibition ‘Daily Expressions’,
Walter and Rapa Book House, Riga
Solo exhibition ‘Free Nature’, Krāslavas kultūras nams