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Uldis Čamans

Author's works

Uldis Čamans
Uldis Camans

Year of birth 1961

Creative motto
Colour becomes the content and the painting becomes an abstraction with a few or one acting element.
The bright colours, reduced to two or three, draw the viewer`s attention in each work.
The artist uses the basic colours of the colour spectrum- blue, yellow and red- and their complementary colours – orange and green.
Large areas of colour, with only lines within, increase dynamism and illusion of movement.
The artist`s subject view of nature is revealed in using pure areas of colour, the white area emphasizing the intensity of colours, and soothing bluish green shades.
Vivid colourfulness, intensity of shades, surface handling and juxtaposition of colours create the depth of the paintings and light effects which inspire the viewer to enter
a dialogue with the author.

1979-1984 – Daugavpils University of Pedagogy, Department of Pedagogy

Major solo exhibitions
1993 – ‘Chemical Sound’, Gallery Mans`s
1994 – ‘ White Wanderers’, Gallery Mans`s
1996 - Exhibition at Gallery Laipa, Valmiera
1996- Exhibition at Gallery Lita, Riga
1997- ‘Moment`s Landing’, Gallery Mans`s

1999- ‘Revision of Thoughts’, Gallery Mans`s
2000- ‘Playing with the Red’, Gallery Mans`s
2001- Exhibition in Valencia ( Spain) and Rotterdam ( Holland)
2002- Three solo exhibition in Lithuania ( Zarasi, Rokiski, Duseta)
2004- ‘Walk in Clouds’, Gallery Mans`s
2005-2017 – Exhibition at Gallery Mans`s

Major group exhibitions
2003- International art exhibition, ARTS Moscow , Russia
2006 – Exhibition in France within the project ‘Amazing Latvia’
2014- 2017 – Exhibition, Daugavpils, Rothko Art Centre