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Reinis Virtmanis

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Reinis Virtmanis
Reinis Virtmanis

Born in Latvia, 1976

2004 Academy of Arts (painting department), Riga, Latvia;
1998 – 2001 Academy of Arts (department of visual communication),
Riga, Latvia;
1993 – 1998 College of Applied Arts (glass department), Riga, Latvia;
1983 – 1993 Riga Secondary School Nr.2.

Solo – exhibitions:

2014 Two- men show, ‘October-November’, Gallery ‘Kalnciema kvartāls‘ (Illustrations for Unwritten Book), Riga, Latvia
2014 One-man show, ‘Part two‘, Museum of The Sea Fishing, Roja, Latvia
2014 One-man show ‘Dissleeping’ at Gallery ‘Alma’, Riga, Latvia
2008 One-man show at ‘Gallery 91’, Paris, France
2008 One-man show ‘Inexact Story About Nine Palms or Theasure Hunter’, Gallery ‘Alma’
2004 One-man show at ‘Gallery Bastejs’, Riga, Latvia
2003 One-man show, art exhibition of Latvian artists’ in Tartu,
2002 One-man show ‘Francis.Table. Cube’, Art Gallery
‘Centre’, Riga

Group exhibitions:

2017 Group exhibition ‘The Opening. Nr. 1’, art galery ‘Museumlv’ (Riga, Latvia)
2015 Group exhibition ‘Miniatures‘, ‘Gallery XO’ (Riga, Latvia)
2014 ‘Imago Mundi‘, United Colours of Benetton collection (Riga, Latvia & Venice, Italy)
2013 Participation in the Art Triennial Nordic Art Station- Word, Art, Sound ‘Merry Melancholy’ (Eskilstuna, Sweden)
2013 International Arts Festival ‘Art in Old Lithuanian Manors’ (Lithuania)
2012 Participation in the Biennale Brabant, The Netherlands
2011 Group exhibition ‘The Playful Eight’ gallery One Twentyeight (New York, USA)
2011 Group exhibition ‘Pie Dzintara jūras’ (‘At the Amber Sea’), The Latvian National Art Museum Exhibition hall Arsenāls (Latvia)
2010 Journal ‘Rigas Laiks’ art exhibition ‘Riga’s Time’ (Riga, Latvia)
2010 ‘Art Nocturne’ (Knocke, Belgium)
2010 ‘Hot Art’ (Basel, Switzerland)
2010 Group exhibition ‘Golden works’, The Latvian National Art Museum Exhibition hall Arsenals (Latvia)
2009 Exhibition ‘Post-box.’, Gallery ‘Istaba’ (Latvia)
Europ’art’09 (Geneva, Switzerland)
2007 Exhibition ‘The objects of desire’, Gallery ‘Alma’ (Riga, Latvia)
Exhibition ‘Candy Bomber’, The Latvian National Art Museum Exhibition hall Arsenāls (Riga, Latvia)
2006 Contemporary art mess ‘Art Bodensee’ (Austria)
International Art Messe ‘Art Salzburg’ (Austria)
Exhibition ‘Psychedelic in The Silent Centre’, Gallery ‘Alma’ (Riga, Latvia)
2004 Participation in International Art Fair LINEART (Gent, Belgium)
Group exhibition ‘Objects. Painting on Wood’, gallery ‘Bastejs’ in cooperation with Lyngby Kulturhus (Denmark)
Participation in 5th International Kunstmesse ‘ART Pannonia 04’ (Austria)
Group exhibition ‘Riga- St.Petersburg –Riga’, art gallery
‘Bastejs’ (Latvia)
An exhibition ‘Small is beautiful, organized by art gallery
‘Riga’ and Riga City Council (winner of an award of the
Best performance by a young artist) (Latvia)
An exhibition ‘XXX…without name’, art gallery ‘Carousel (Latvia)
An exhibition ‘21 century’s cubism’, art gallery ‘Center’ (Latvia)
2003 Miniature exhibition, art gallery ‘Riga’ (Latvia)
2002 ‘Painting on board’, art gallery ‘Bastejs’ (Latvia)
Selected group exhibition, art gallery ‘Bastejs’ Exhibition, interior salon ‘Fresco’ (Latvia)

Projects/Creative work:

2015 Artist assistant: Movie ‘Moth’ (director: K. Hudjakov, Russia)
2012 Illustrations – cookery book ‘Mārtin’s Sirmais’ kitchen advices’
2003 Illustration of series of books ‘Ieva’, ‘Aleksis’, ‘Ieva
and Aleksis’;
2002 Art project ‘Who is who?’
2002 Artist assistant: Movie ‘Take me home’ (director: A.
Krievs, Latvia)
2002 Artist: ‘B-2’ video-clip, company ‘Vilks studija’;
2002 Artist: Advertising Company ‘Laganovskis & Co’;
2000 – 2002 Architect office ‘M&G architects’;
1997 – 2000 Show-window designer: Bar ‘DECO’, Restaurant
‘Symposium’, ‘The New Restaurant of Žagars’,
Restaurant ‘Andalūzijas Suns’;


2013 Prize for the Best Illustrations ‘Mārtin’s Sirmais’ kitchen advices’
2004 Award Winner of the Best performance by young artist at the exhibition ‘Small is beautiful’, organized by art gallery
‘Riga’ and Riga City Council)

Public Collections:
Latvian National Museum of Art (Riga, Latvia)

Private Collections:
Latvia, Norway, USA, Italy, France e.t.c.

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