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Eduard Zentsik

Autora darbi

Eduard Zentsik
Eduard Zentsik was born 26.12.1975 in Sillamae, Estonia.

Eduard Zentsik is a prolific Estonian-based artist of many faces. He’s developed radically different artistic personas, refusing to link his name to a single signature style, technique, or theme.
Instead, Zentsik mixes genres and media and playfully subverts the traditions of old.

Zentsik’s oeuvre is as enormous as it’s diverse. Some of his endeavors, like the mildly macabre art brut series, focus on physical metamorphoses and flourishes of the flesh.
Others, like the highly symbolic paintings made in the surrealistic canon, accentuate the spiritual aspects of his philosophy. Elsewhere, the artist indulges in formless Pollockian color
drippings or flirts with digital media.
Zentsik’s paintings contain an open-ended space, a distinctly magical reality where entities, artifacts, and concepts from seemingly arbitrary eras and cultures serve their enigmatic purpose.
No mythology or esoteric teaching is immune to the artist’s tactful manipulations - Zen in Zentsik goes hand in hand with Tao, Krishna, Christ, and the Twelve Olympians.

This is not an intellectual game, though. Those willing to unlock the code are likely (and welcome) to reveal metaphysical depths. Some may find his work pretentious,
but Zentsik is not afraid to use self-aware decorative strategies and deceptively simple tropes to convey big ideas. Behind the images, there is a powerful coherent cosmology
explaining the underlying natural order, the ulterior essence of everything. This is true spiritual art with a transcendental message, ostensibly co-created and inhabited
by the spirit of the Creation itself (all artworks have always existed, you know).
Zentsik’s mission, therefore, is to cut open two-way windows between our world and the fantastical realm through which mystical figures and phenomena on the other side meet our gaze.
Aren’t these the proverbial Platonic ideas represented on canvas in vaguely familiar forms?

Painter, photographer, graphic artist, designer, author of installations, performances and musical improvisations.
Organizer of youth exhibitions and projects. For over years of creativity had more than a hundred personal exhibitions and took part in numerous joint projects.
Participant and winner of international Photographic and Art competitions. Numerous works are in private collections around the world.

Member of the Estonian Association of Artists.
Member of the Photographers Union in Estonia.
Member of the Russian Artists Union in Estonia.
Member of the Union Painters of Estonia.
1995 year – member of avant-garde artistic projects.
1996-1997 year – personal classes in art studio of I. Lukyanov.
1998 year – accepted into the closed club of artists "April".
2000-2004 year – study at the Art Academy of Estonia.
Freelance artist since 2006 year.

2011 Author's works were included in the book of art-critic Galina Balashova "Installation on the background of estonian landscape" about the important russian artists in Estonia.
2012 Publication of personal book about art Eduard Zentsik "My universe".
2011 The first prize in the international competition "Art Moment", St. Petersburg, Russia
2012 Prize in the biggest international photo competition - Wiki loves monuments
2012 Annual premium young talented artists Kultuurkapital.
2017 Painting is in the collection of the museum Schloss Fall, Estonia.
2018 One work in the collection maestro of fashion Alexander Vasiliev.
Seven works by the artist acquired the collection of the Pushkin Museum Preserve.
Two works are in the collection of the Museum Reserve Plyos.
The four works are in the collections of the Gallery of the Narva.
Two works in the museum’s collection of Sillamae.
One work in the collection of the New York Outsider Art.
One work in the collection of The Museum of New Art Pärnu, Estonia.
Art video are in the collection of the Pushkin Museum Preserve.

2018 "The Touch of Beauty", part 3, Art Gallery Mikhail Savitsky, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
2018 Artexpo NY 2018, World Wide Art pavilion, New York, America
2018 Art Fair 2018 Cologne, Germany
2018 "Eternal Beauty", City Gallery of Pärnu
2017 "The Touch of Beauty", part two, Sloss Fall, Keila-Joa Castle Museum-Gallery, Estonia
2017 "The Touch of Beauty", Part One, Päätalo Institut Gallery, Taivalkoski, Finland
2017 "The whole world is a theater" 25 years of diplomatic relations between Estonia and Belarus. Minsk
2017 "Dream", A-Art gallery, Narva
2017 "Meaning of life", TED-X, Tartu Ülikooli Narva Kolledž, Estonia
2016 "Art Monaco Tentation", Art Fair 2016, Monaco
2016 "Musad", Art Figaro Gallery, Riia, Läti
2016 "Musad" Town Gallery, Saaremaa, Estonia
2015 "Hope for Love", gallery-Steine, Vienna, Austria
2015 Biennale Arte 2015, Holland
2015 "Colors for heart", Art salon Piirto, Helsinki, Finland
2015 "Eternal Beauty" Jõhvi Kontserdimaja, Jõhvi, Estonia
2014 "Eternal Beauty" Haus Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2014 "The Prophecy", Narva Museum, Estonia
2014 "The New Reality", Art Salon Piirto, Helsinki, Finland
2013 "Architecture of toy world", photo, Narva Castel, Estonia
2013 "Secret", Art salon Piirto, Helsinki, Finland
2013 "Outsider Art", Artifact Gallery, New York, USA
2013 "Riddle", Lindakivi Kultuurimaja, Tallinn, Estonia
2012 "Eternity", Us Art Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2012 "Trainspotting", photo, Powerhouse museum, Sydney, Australia
2012 "New antiquity", Gallery Pegazs, Riga, Latvia
2012 "Dall'Acqua Nasce l'Anima", San Nicolao Church, Bellano, Italy
2012 "New antiquity", Greger Gallery, Stockholm,Sweden
2012 "New antiquity", Art salon Piirto, Helsinki, Finland
2012 "Arte e Dintorni", Mentana Gallery, Firenze, Italy
2011 "Mystery" Eduard Zentsik and Tauno Kangro, White hall, Narva-Joesuu, Estonia
2011 "Angels and others", Greger Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2011 "Tallinn and sea", photo, Sillamae City Council, Estonia
2010 "Tauno Kangro and Eduard Zentsik", Alex Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
2010 "Photo art", Kärdla, Hiiumaa, Estonia
2010 "Through the time", Galerii YO, Tallinn, Estonia
2009 "Magic", Narva museum, Estonia
2009 "Another time", Vaal gallery, Fahle gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2008 Participation in a charity auction, Rios Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
2008 Participation in a joint photo exhibition, Moscow, Russia
2008 Exhibition of art society "April", Castle Museum. Saaremaa, Estonia
2008 Avant-garde exhibition "No War", Institute of ECOM, Sillamae, Estonia
2008 "Antiquity", Museum of Eduard Wilde, Tallinn, Estonia
2007 "Flying people", photo, Y-galerii, Tartu, Estonia
2007 "Faces of India", photo, Fortress "Kik–in–de-Kek", Tallinn, Estonia
2006 "India personalities", photo, Photo museum, Tallinn, Estonia
2006 "Facture richness", Tallinn, Estonia
2005 Photography with consul of Russia, Days of India, Tallinn, Estonia
2005 "Impressionism and abstraction", Tallinn, Estonia
2004 Exhibition in the building of the Japanese embassy, Tallinn, Estonia
2001 "What colour is love?", Russian Dramatic Theatre, Tallinn, Estonia
1999 First personal exhibition in the Art Museum of Sillamae, Estonia
1998 "Workshop in April", Sillamae, Estonia
1995 Avant-garde art projects, Estonia