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«Apzinoties pasaules skaistumu, dalāmies katra brīža neatkārtojamībā - ar tēliem, emocijām un mākslas darbiem.»



Skuja Braden

Autora darbi

Skuja Braden
Skuja Braden
is a pseudonym and the combined surnames of the international collaborative duo Ingūna Skuja from Latvia, and Melissa Braden from California who work collectively and primarily with porcelain. Skuja Braden represents an “absence of presence” of an individual author, where these two artists have combined forces creating a fictive and alternate proxy identity. Collaboration is the non- hierarchical and inclusive framework Skuja Braden utilize as a method, strategy, and philosophy, to explore alternative relations to power through a fusion of disparate identities, inclinations, and perceptions. The works are conceptually based, and created through kaleidoscopic multi-dimensional lense, they are I, me, you, we, her, she, us, them, others, and everyone else, but almost always expressed as a synthesis of painting and sculpture. Skuja Braden works boldly blend decorative, literary, and
political elements into a seamless statement, while utilizing a material that has historically been associated with absolute refinement. Skuja Braden works can be found in private collections and museums in Australia, Britain, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, and through out the United States.
Ingūna Skuja's Education
2009-2011 1994-1995 1987-1992 1983-1987
Latvian Art Academy, Riga, Latvia (Masters Ceramics) Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA (Ceramic Studies) Latvian Art Academy, Riga, Latvia, (BA Ceramic Studies) Applied Art College, Riga, Latvia (Diploma in Ceramics)
Melissa Braden's Education
1999 1997-1999 1992- 1997 1988-1992
Latvian Art Academy, Riga, Latvia (painting & ceramics studies)
Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA (MA Film Production-ABT) Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA (BA Fine Art & BA Art History)
Sierra College, Rocklin, CA (AA in Fine Art & AA in Liberal Art)
Solo Exhibitions
2017 “Tripping Through Time,” Madona Museum, Madona, Latvia (Forthcoming)
“Angel Trumpets, and Whispering Ancestors,” Aizkraukle Art and History Museum, Latvia “Curve Increased,” Ars Panevesyz, Keramike Center, Panevezys, Lithuania
2016 “Medusa Laughs at Twisted Growth,” Biržai Regional Museum Sēla, Biržai, Lithuania “Skuja Braden “Medusa's Laughter,” Bastejs Galerija, Rīga, Latvia
“Twisted Growth,” G. Eliasa Jelgava History and Art Museum, Jelgava, Latvia
“Skuja Braden@,” 1616 Artspace Gallery, Sacramento, California
2015 “Lost and Found,” Birža Museum, Riga, Latvia
“Mana Jubilee,” Kalna Ziedi Museum, Aizkraukle, Latvia
“Tete-a-tete,” Liepaja Design and Art School, Liepaja, Latvia
2014 “Fishing for Meaning,” Roja’s Marine Fisheries Museum, Roja, Latvia 2013 "A Dog's Life: Unchained" Rīga's Porcelain Museum, Rīga, Latvia
"Skuja Braden Laiks Pasaciņai, Laipa Galerija, Valmiera, Latvia
"Mana Aizkraukle: Skuja Braden," Kalna Ziedi Museum Aizkraukle, Latvia "Skuja Braden Stāsta," Bastejs Galerija, Rīga Latvia
2012 "Laced Porcelain," Čsipske Museum, Kiskunhalas, Kossuth, Hungary
2011 "Sweet Kiss," Mans's Gallery Jekabpils, Latvia "Beyond Black and White," Galerija Putti, Riga, Latvia
2010 "Karma Koma," Makslas XO Galerija, Riga, Latvia
"Karma Koma," Museum of History and Art, Aizkraukle, Latvia
2009 "Puzzling Skuja Braden", Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland, OR 2008 "Dowry: The Business of Marriage," Pence Gallery, Davis, California
"Supercrock,” Memorial Union Hall. OSU, Corvallis, Oregon
"Bloodlines", Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. Otis, Oregon
2006 "Born Summerhouse", Museum of History and Art, Aizkraukle, Latvia
2005 "Skuja Braden Babies", John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis CA *
2003 "The Inevitability of Change", Sol Ceramica Gallery, Sacramento, CA 2001 "Evening Treasures", Putti Gallery, Riga, Latvia
"Kaila Patiesiba", Makslas XO Galerija, Riga, Latvia 1999 "Head-Lamps", Salon Maksla, Riga, Latvia
"Here Kitty, Kitty!", Ciris Gallery, Riga, Latvia
1998 "The Best of Skuja", Gallery Salons Maksla, Riga, Latvia
"Ten Women", Ciris Gallery, Riga, Latvia
"Landscapes in Transition", The Center, Eureka CA "Naked Truth", Ink People Center for The Arts, Eureka, CA
1997 "Skuja For Sale $9.50", M6 Gallery, Riga, Latvia "Hares and Eggs!", A/S Unibanka, Riga, Latvia
1996 "Recycled Dreams", Foyer Gallery, HSU, Arcata, CA "Love Triangle", Latvian Art Union Gallery, Riga, Latvia
1995 "Easter Day", Riga's Gallery, Riga, Latvia
1993 "Inguna Skuja's Porcelain", Jana Seta Gallery, Riga, Latvia
"Woman's Knee", Jana Seta Gallery, Riga, Latvia
2017 “White ZK-9 Latvian Contemporary Designers,” Galerija Laipa, Valmeira, Latvia
“Chicken, Hen, and Cock International Teapot Exhibition,” Shanghai, China*
“Kollekcija/ Collection,” Latvian International Ceramic Biennale, Rīga Art Space, Rīga Latvia
2016 “JAUNU(iem)” Bastejs Galerija, Old Rīga, Latvia
“Take a Look,” Art and Culture portal Arterritory.com, Glass Gallery Take a Look, Riga, Latvia “Modern Classics/ Focus Vase: Forderpreiss 2016, Westerwald Keramike Museum, Germany* “Parallel Currents,” Rīga's Porcelain Museum, Riga, Latvia
“Start Art Fair,” Saatchi's Gallery, London, United Kingdom
“White,” Latvian Contemporary Designers, Pop-Up: Riga's Galerija, Rīga, Latvia
2016 5th International Changchun Ceramic Symposium Exhibition, Changchun, China* “International Art Fair Warsaw.” (April 7-10 2016) National Stadium Warsaw, Poland
Represented by Bastejs Galerija, Rīga, Latvia
“1rst International Latvian Ceramic Biennale, Martinsons Award.” Daugavpils, Latvia “Contemporary Latvian Ceramics,” curator Valentiņš Petko, Latvian Art Union, Riga, LV*
“A Journey Through Eastern Europe through the Museum Collection,”1 Gallery, Ichon World Ceramic Center, Gyeonggi Province, Korea
2015 “Gadu Makslinieki,” Bastejs Galerija, Rīga, Latvia
“SCOPE/ Miami Beach,” represented by Bastejs Gallery, Miami Beach, Florida “GOBIS/OUTDOOR EXPO,” curator Ieva Naglīņa, Rīgas Porcelain Museum, Vilnius,
“Art Market Budapest,” represented by Bastejs Galerija, Budapest, Hungary “Art Copenhagen,” represented by Bastejs Galerija, Copenhagen, Denmark “Map of the New Art,”Luciano Benetton’s Imago Mundi collection,
Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, Italy*
“Sexy Art,” curator Terri Lew, 19 Karen Gallery, Queensland, Australia “Contemporary Latvian Ceramics,” curator Valentiņš Petko,
Rothko Museum, Daugavpils, Latvia*
“Unpacked,” ArtSpace 1616 Gallery, Sacramento, California
“Erotic Clay,” The Clay Studio, curator Garth Johnson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2014 “European Ceramic Context 2014,”(representing Latvia) Bornholm Museum, Bornholm, Denmark*
“3rd Changchun International Ceramic Symposium,” Changchun Sculpture Museum, Changchun, China *
“RojaL Kino and Makslas festival,” Skuja Braden show in Museum. Roja, LV “Clay Provocateurs,” curated by Judith Schwartz, Pence Gallery, Davis, California
“Imago Mundi Latvia,” Luciano Benetton Collection, Bastejs Gallery, Riga, Latvia
2013 "Peter Martinson and Contemporary Ceramics Latvia," Art and History Museum, Vitebsk, Belarus
"8th International Small Forms Triennale," Rīga's Porcelain Museum, Old Rīga, Latvia
"Underwater War," Talsi Museum, Talsi , Latvia
"Skuja Braden at Bastejs Galerija," Old Rīga, Latvia.
"Daugava," Art and History Museum, Kalna Ziedi, Aizkraukle, Latvia
"Berlin Art Week," Bastejs Galerija, Berlin Germany.
"LandEscape Afterwards," Daugavpils Clay Art Center, Daugavpils, Latvia * "LandEscape Forward," Mark Rothko Museum & Art Center, Daugavpils, LV * "FEMAIL PROJECT," curated by Emma Leppington, ARTicle Gallery,
Birmingham, England *
"Downlands College 3rd Annual Invitational," Toowoomba, Australia "Garden of Destiny Charity Auction," Large Guild House, Rīga Latvia * "Plates and Totems," Invitational curated by Tony Natsoulas, Blue Line Arts,
Roseville CA. USA
"Latvian National Art Museum's Recent Acquisitions Exhibition," Rīga, Latvia "Aizkraukles 45 Year Jubilee," Aizkraukles Museum Art and History,
Aizkraukle, Latvia.
"Rudens," 2012/2013," Latvian Artist Union, Rīga, Latvia
"Ceramic Annual of America,” Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA*
"Truth, Myth, and Bullshit,” Yvonne Gerner, Danish Cultural Institute,Rīga,
"Zvaigznes," Rīgas Porcelain Museum, Rīga, Latvia
"Rudens", curated by Inga Šteimane, Rīgaš Telpa, Rīga Latvia "Re-Novacija", Juried exhibition, Latvias Museum of Decorative and
Design Arts, Rīga, Latvia
"RoyaL Art and Film Festival,” Roja's Culture Center, Roja Latvia "Sieviete T-Elpa,” Curated by Inese Baranovska, Riga, Latvia
"Beyond Black and White", Russian National Library, St. Petersburg, Russia
"Small Scale Porcelain Triennale,” Rīga's Porcelain Museum, Rīga, Latvia "Sitka Center Annual Art Invitational,” World Forestry Center, Portland, Oregon "Makslas Optimizacija,” Museum of Applied and Decorative Art, Riga, Latvia
"My Erotic Valentine,” Beet Gallery, Portland, Oregon
"IV Int'l Ceramic Tile Triennial,” Museum of Contemporary Ceramics, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
"Sitka Center Annual Art Invitational,” World Forestry Center, Portland, Oregon "Little Crimes,” Latvian Art Academy, Riga, Latvia
"Art On the Vine,” OCAC Art Auction, Convention Center, Portland. OR
“Intime,” Museum of Applied and Decorative Art, Riga, Latvia
Sitka Center Annual Art Invitational,” World Forestry Center, Portland, OR Human Impulse,” Sandy & Diane Bessor Collection, ASU Museum.
Tempe, AZ*
"17th Annual National," San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, San Angelo, TX*
"World Women on the Horizon,” Baltimore Clayworks, Baltimore, Maryland. "Handmade for the Holiday,” Contemporary Craft Museum. Portland, OR
"5th Cheongju INTL Craft Biennale,” Cheongju-do City, S. Korea*
"By the Hand,” National Juried Exhibition Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek. CA "Feats of Clay,” Gladding McBean Factory, Lincoln, CA (Tile Heritage
Foundation Award) *
"16th National Ceramic Competition,” San Angelo Museum, San Angelo, TX * "Thirty Sculptors,” John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, California *
"Ink and Clay '32," Kellogg University Art Gallery, Cal Poly, Pomona, CA *
2005 "SOFA Chicago,” represented by John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA "Cheongju International Craft Biennale," Cheongju-city, Republic of Korea * "30 Sculptors,” CCACA John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA
“Ink and Clay '31,” Kellogg University Art Gallery, Cal Poly, Pomona, CA *
2004 "SOFA Chicago,” represented by John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA* "Thirty Sculptors," John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, CA *
"Excellence In Ceramics,” Exploding Head Gallery, Sacramento, CA
"Gigantic Figurines," (Juried National) Kirkland Art Center, Kirkland, WA
2003 "Cuillere Ceramique," Prix De La Ville De Carouge, Carouge Museum, Geneva, Switzerland
"East Meets West," Historic Fong Mansion, Sacramento, CA "Compttn of the Fork," Fork It Magazine, Uptown Studios. Sacto, CA
(Best of Show)
"Cheongju Intrnl Craft Biennale," Cheongju-do, Korea *
"Erotic or Not," Uptown Studios Gallery, Sacramento, CA
"Contemporary Latvian Ceramics," Kuressaare Castle Museum, Saaremaa,
Estonia *
"Tits and Ass," Uptown Studios Gallery, Sacramento, CA
2002 "Vessel's," (Invitational) Mirror Pond Gallery, Bend, Oregon
"Flowing Vessels," (National - Best of Show) Gardo's Gallery, Bridgeport, Penn. "Fragile Handle With Care," (Invitational) Solomon Dubnick Gallery, Sacto, CA* "Birds of Clay," (National Competition) Frog Hollow, Middlebury, Vermont
"Ink and Clay '29," (President's Purchase Award) Kellogg's Art Gallery, Pomona, CA*
2001 "Antins,” Arsenals Museum, Riga, Latvia
"Art In The Air," airBaltic Corporate Collection, Applied Art Museum, Riga,
"The 1rst World Ceramic Biennale 2001," Ichon, Korea *
"Nordic Baltic Fabula Exhibition," The Art Center, Silkeborg, Denmark.*
Bryggens Museum, Bergen, Norway. Applied Arts Museum, Tallinn, Estonia.
1999 "1rst International Erotica Exhibition," Kipsala Hall, Riga, Latvia "1rst International Floristica Exhibition," Dailes Theatre, Riga, Latvia "15 Artists from Latvia," Gallery J&B. Copenhagen, Denmark *
"Latvian Academy of Art Exhibition,"MS Gallery, Riga, Latvia
1998 "Advancing Sculpture," (13 artists) Reese-Bullen Gallery, Arcata, CA
"Art Of Contemporary Latvia," Maison du Danemark, Champs-Elysees Paris,
"The 2nd World Latvian Artists Exhibition," Riga, Latvia
"Ritums Ivanovs and Inguna Skuja," Cesis Museum, Cesis, Latvia
1997 "Maksla Mode Muzika,"(selected artists) Latvian Art Union Gallery, Riga, Latvia "The World's 5TH Triennale in Plastics," Zagreb, Croatia *
"Art of Contemporary Latvia" Grande Salle de l'Aubette, Strasbourg, France*
“Better Off Dead Than Little Red,” Van Duzer Theater, Arcata, CA *
"1rst Annual Women Make Art," Ink People Center for the Arts, Eureka, CA "Amazing 8 Artists," Center Gallery, Riga, Latvia*
1996 "European Women,"Gallery, Shambala, Copenhagen, Denmark "ArtGenda," European Cultural City, Copenhagen, Denmark*
"Annual Juried Student Exhibition," Humboldt State Univ., Arcata, CA "Maris D. Bensons Advanced Sculptors,"R. Bullen Gallery, Arcata, CA
1995 "Baltic States Ceramic Triennial," Vilnius, Lithuania
"Herbstmesse," International Mess of Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany "Artist In Residence," (Inguna Skuja Invited Artist) Kecskemet, Hungary "Drawings from Nature," Natural History Museum, Arcata, CA
1994 "100th Anniversary of Art from the Baltic," Malmo, Sweden* "International Exhibition of Practical Art," Blue Hall, Tallinn Estonia
(* Catalog produced)
AirBaltic Corporate Collection, Riga, Airport
Aizkraukles History and Art Museum, Aizkraukle, Latvia
Alpha Ceramics Collection, Sacramento, CA
Ambassador of the Royal Danish Embassy-Michael Moerch
A/S Diena Corporate Collection
Jerry and Violeta Beideck Collection, Portland, Oregon
Sandy and Diane Bessor Collection, ASU Museum, Tempe, AZ
Santa Anča Collection
Bornholm International Ceramic Center, Bornholm, Denmark
Dalai Lama
Danish Cultural Institute in Latvia-Director Rikke Helms - Simon Drewson
European President's Collection 1997: Islands Prime Minister-David Odsen, Prime Minister of Norway- Kjell Magne Bondevik, Head of the Polish Minister of Cabinets-Yersik Karol Buzek,Russian Chief Government-Viktor Chernomirden, Chancellor of Germany-Helmut Kohl, Latvian President of Ministers-Guntars Krasts, Prime Minister of Sweden-Pavo Tapia Lipponen, Prime Minister of Denmark- Paul Neerup Rasmussen, Prime Minister of Estonia-Maart Seemans, Prime Minister of Lithuania- Gediminas Vagnors. Prime Minister of Sweden-Jurans Parsons, European Commission President- Jack Sanders, and Vice-Prime Minister of England-Jack Prescott.
Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Center Museum
Daugavpils Clay Art Center
International Baltic Ballet Festival 1994-1999
Changchun International Ceramic Center, Changchun, China
Kecskemet International Ceramic Center, Kecskemet, Hungary Latvian Art Academy Collection, Riga, Latvia
Latvian Art Union Collection, Riga, Latvia

Latvian National Art Museum
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Museum of Contemporary Ceramics, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Don McCorkell Collection
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Tibetan Prime Minister, Lobsang Sangay
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Presentations/ Lectures/ Workshops
Ceramic Colloquium/Modern Classics, presentation. Hohrs-Grenzhausen, Germany Golden Cut/ Lecture and slide presentation, Liepaja School of Art and Design, May 2015
ICE Award/ Irish Ceramic Education Lecture, University of Galway, Ireland Aizkraukle Tauta Skola, Beginning painting class, Nov. 17, 2013, March 2014 Rīga's Porcelain Museum, Public Talk, power point presentation, Nov. 30, 2013 Aizkraukle Makslas Skola, community workshop creating Balva for Aizkraukles
DOMA, 25 Marts, 11:45-15:00
Rezekne Art and Design School, "Hand building methods for creating figures", 5-day workshop,
August 13-17, 2011 Latvia
Rīga's Porcelain Museum, Demonstration on how to make a seated Buddha from porcelain,
May 26th, 2012
Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey, power point presentation and lecture November 20, 2010, Carrshield,
Latvian Art Academy, powerpoint presentation on Art Marketing, Winter 2009
Pence Gallery, Slide Lecture public presentation, 2:00 October 12, 2008 Davis, California
Oregon State University Corvallis, Public talk and slide presentation, March 9, 2008, Corvallis, OR Sitka Center for the Arts, workshop and slide presentation. "Expressing the Figure in Clay,”
May 24-25 2008 Otis. OR
Sitka Center for the Arts, Open House, public talk slide presentation, January 5th 2008,
Otis OR
Sitka Center for the Arts, slide presentation and talk for Cascade Head Members, November 28,
Otis, OR
16th Annual California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art, Varsity Theater, April 30,
2005 Davis CA
Sol Ceramica, "Expressing the Figure in Clay", workshop and slide lecture, June & July 2003,
1000 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento CA
Art Station, "Expressing the Figure in Clay", workshops and slide lectures, October 26 and November 10, 2002. Bend, Oregon
Public Art Projects
White Memorial Medical Center- Adapted Jose Ramirez's paintings into 5000 hand-made
porcelain tiles for four walls totaling 1140 square feet of murals, East Los Angeles, CA 2004-2005
Throssel Hole Zen Buddhist Monastery, collaborated with monks and Abbot on design, and then made a set of altar garniture for the main altar in the main meditation hall of the monastery. Throssel Hole Zen Buddhist Monastery, Carrshield, United Kingdom.
Aizkraukles 45 year Jubilee, commission from the City of Aizkraukle to make 15 works in porcelain referencing the city and its surroundings.
5th International Changchun Invitational Ceramic Symposium, Changchun, China 3rd International Changchun Ceramic Symposium, Changchun, China International Ceramic Symposium, "Landescape," Mark Rothko Museum,
Daugavpils Clay Art Center, Daugavpils, LV Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, Otis, Oregon, USA
The International Ceramic Studio. Keschkemet, Hungary International Ceramic Center. Bornholm, Denmark
Latvian Artist Union Residency. Jurmala, Latvia
Throssel Hole Zen Buddhist Abbey, Carrsheild, United Kingdom