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Vadim Markevičs


Vadim Markevičs
Vadim Markevichs

Born 26th of November 1969 in Riga.
Aged 13, travelling with parents he visited old castle in Edole, Latvia, where that time was summer residence of Academy of Arts.
Immersed to creative atmosphere he realized that painting is incredible language whereby you can share with the world your own perception of beauty, which sometimes is impossible to express by the words.
Buying a pencil and paper at rural shop it became clear- it is his lifework. And a year later he visited castle being the student of Junior School of Arts at the Academy.
1987 he went to the Lyceum of Arts and Restoration in St. Petersburg and got access to the grand artists’ works, learned methods and techniques of past masters.
At the meantime it became obvious that the picturesque technique of Early Netherlandish painting is the tool whereby any dream can turn into reality.
Vadim’s works differ by jewelry precision in details and composition, and also by the absolute colour vision.

The main source of inspiration for him is communication with nature at all its diversity.

- Since 1994 his works are being exhibited in the State Museum of Modern Arts in Minsk (Belarus), some of them permanently.
- Since 1996 he started to do personal exhibitions in Riga.
- 1996 exhibition in the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation.
- 1997 in the Cultural Center of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Helsinki (Finland).
- 2002 participation at the international exhibition in Köln (Germany).
- 2004 exhibition at the Hotel Ridzene.
- 2005 personal exhibition Moscow House in Riga.
- 2012 personal exhibition in Liepaja, Latvia.
- Currently the artist is working on new collection.