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MuseumLV - the resonance of your personality in art.

The MuseumLV gallery is located in the heart of the city of Montreux on the shores of Lake Geneva, two steps away from the Stravinsky hall. The gallery is a part of a large international project created by the Grata JJ cultural centre, located in the city-centre of Riga, the capital of Latvia. The choice of our authors is based on the long-term personal relationships with each one of them and on the quality of each work. The gallery's activity is aimed at popularizing contemporary authors whose skills are based on the classical values of Europe, as well as the authors whose perception of the world is much broader than the generally accepted boundaries. We provide a wide range of artists that allows us to satisfy each viewer individually. Some of our authors are inspired by the beauty of their surrounding, while pursuing the world through their creative individuality. Other authors find inspiration plunging into their inner world, and enthralling the viewer. MuseumLV strives to provide an opportunity to find an individual viewer for each individual author.

Opening hours of the ART Gallery in Riga: Tue.-Fr.: 11:00-19:00; Sat.: 11:00-17:00; Sun., Mo.: - Closed

Opening hours of the ART Gallery in Montreux: Tue.-Sat.: 11:00-19:00 Sun., Mo.: - Closed

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